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We are among the very few who use ICO to create a guaranteed project that produces wealth for everyone.

The company is registered in London and has an office in Dubai.



Participating in DomusCoins is simple: being a company, it has a regular bank account where, so we accept bank transfers.

Through the site, you can also use other cryptocurrencies to purchase DomusCoins.

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How does DomusCoins work?

In short: we sell DomusCoins only if guaranteed with apartments in the most beautiful and important cities in the world. This makes sure that they will not lose value.

Then, the apartments generate real estate income that is divided between all DomusCoins owners.

You can decide whether to keep the DomusCoins, use them to stay in any real estate of the circuit or sell them to anyone you want.

Is DomusCoins safe?

Yes, it’s safe beyond any reasonable doubt for these reasons:

  • Software is controlled by an independent company.
  • The business model is sustainable and everything is planned from the beginning. This means that if delicate situations occur, our experts are ready to deal with them.

For your information, all the people on the team are paid in DomusCoins, so they have one more reason to achieve common goals 🙂

Where can i buy DomusCoins?

On this website. PLEASE do not buy them anywhere else until further communication. Authorized channels will be published on this website.

How can I pay for DomusCoins?

You can buy DomusCoins through bank transfer in Euros, British pounds or American dollars.

You can also buy through different cryptocurrencies.

You can find all the details for the bank transfer on our Facebook Group, or by subscribing to this website.

How are the collected funds used?

The collected funds will be sent to a “dedicated” account that can only be used to increase real estate properties that guarantee the DOC and for the related expenses.

What is the DomusCoins' profit?

DomusCoins’ company gain is derived from the management of rented properties, as well as from the DOCs appreciation.

What can I do with DomusCoins?

There are currently three methods where you can use DomusCoins:

  • Stays and holidays in the apartments of the DomusCoins’ network;
  • Keep them and wait for the moment to sell them at a higher price;
  • Earn money through the profits coming from the sales and rental of the real estate properties.

In the future, more fantastic services will be included in the DomusCoins’ network.

How much will DomusCoins appreciate?

All assets, including gold and other cryptocurrencies, appreciate as demand increases or supply decreases.

This rule also applies to DomusCoins, and in our case, we also add appreciation, rent and use of the real estate properties.

For DomusCoins we prudently estimate an appreciation of 100% in the first year, in addition to the performance of the real estate properties.

Inflation or Deflation?

Inflation is kept under control, in fact the DomusCoins will be placed on the market only at the current price and only when they are backed by real estate.

If deflation occurs, we will issue new DomusCoins at current market value, this will increase and consolidate the minimum value of all DomusCoins, even those purchased at a lower price. For more information on this topic see the whitepaper.

What's the plan for the future?

After the real estate operations in Dubai, we will expand into other real estate markets in other major markets.

Our risk management specialists are constantly working to identify the best markets to invest in, so as to diversify and minimize risk.

Why don't you buy back DomusCoins?

We don’t buy them back so as to ensure the ratio among real guarantees, real estate properties, and DomusCoins.

Where is DomusCoins company?

DomusCoins LTD is incorporated in London, UK, the operating office is in Dubai and its subsidiaries buy real estate properties in the countries of competence.

Check out the information of DomusCoins LTD on the official British Government website: UK Company House.

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We BELIEVE that each of us should have the opportunity to earn by protecting our own assets in a simple, safe and confidential way.


We combine cryptocurrencies with the most precious asset: the house that can be used whenever you want, in the most beautiful cities in the world.

Dubai, New York, London

DomusCoins starts from one of the greatest crossroads in the world: Dubai is the gateway to the Middle East, Africa and the East. Here we collaborate with some of the most important real estate initiatives.Emission after emission, we will move to other capitals of the world and to the most beautiful and exclusive vacation spots because DomusCoins allows you to gain another real advantage: the possibility of using DomusCoins for your holidays in the real estate properties that guarantee the emissions.

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Make sure that you send Ether from a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or from an address for which you control the private key: Otherwise you will not be able to interact with the DOC tokens received. Do not send ETH directly from an exchange to the ICO address.

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