The Idea: a Real Estate Cryptocurrency


…people could participate in the purchase of real estate properties with no need of lawyers or authorities to be registered but at the same keeping a universally recognized right on the purchase?

…astonishing real estate projects could be owned by a larger amount of people instead of the sophisticated and inaccessibile groups only?

…everybody could make a profit from the real estate business even with a small investment?

…everybody could live in these apartments?


Imagine the Blockchain as a universal register of transactions. Nobody can change what’s written on it and people from around the world can read its content.

If somebody ever tries to change what’s on the blockchain, everybody will immediately notice the counterfeit attempt and therefore the change will be invalidated.

The monetary amount sent to purchase DomusCoins is stored on the blockchain and, at the same time, DomusCoins are credited. This guarantees all the DomusCoins owners of their property.

DomusCoins can be exchanged like every other cryptocurrency or used to stay in any of the real estate properties in the network.

DomusCoins is, in fact, the cryptocurrency whose emissions are guaranteed by real estate properties.

Innovation and tradition run together!



Everybody can participate to this project and it is easy.

First of all you don’t need a big quantity of money, you can participate even with 250 USD or whatever you feel comfortable with.


Let’s explain with an example:

  • You decide to participate with 250 USD which you transfer through one of the payment methods offered.
  • Once the 250 USD is received, you will be credited 250 DOCs (DomusCoins), the transaction is public and stored on the BlockChain although the names are anonymous.
  • You will have a private key (a sort of password) and only you will be able to manage the coins.
  • Your 250 USD will increase the real estate guarantees.
  • Now you are free to keep your 250 DOCS, wait until they appreciate, sell them to whoever you want, or use them as you like.
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Why DomusCoins is Cool?

There are some aspects that make the difference, both for ordinary people and for cryptocurrency buyers and for real estate operators too. In general, those who buy DomusCoins have the same benefits that are expected from cryptocurrencies plus those that real estate generates, but without having to commit with the same amount of money.

With DomusCoins you will have 3+1 gains:

DomusCoins appreciation. The increasingly widespread use of cryptocurrencies will lead to an increase in the value of those currencies that present strong collateral. DomusCoins has all the characteristics to be a protagonist in this market. In any case, the value of DOC will grow at least as much as that of real estate. So you will always be able to sell the DOCs at a higher value after a while.

Renting. When you own a real estate property it’s likely that you rent it out and take a profit out of it. DomusCoins rents out the properties on short-term basis to maximize profits. Profits will be shared proportionally with all the DomusCoins’ holders.

Selling. When you sell a property you do it to make a profit. Again, this happens with DomusCoins: when a property is sold, the profit, in DOCs, is shared with all the DomusCoins’ holders. Even after a sale, the emission value of your DomusCoins will always be guaranteed.

Hassle-free. Last but not least you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy, DomusCoins’ team will take care of all the procedures.

Moreover, you can stay in any of the properties that are part of the network, paying in DOCs at the discounted price reserved for DOCs owners.

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Other Info


The number of DomusCoins is predetermined and no one can change it. DomusCoins can be issued on the market only if supported by collateral, and this excludes any possibility of inflation.

Profit Sharing

Profits come from the appreciation of the DomusCoins, from the rents and sales of real estate properties. They are distributed proportionally to the DOCs owners.

Coins Buyback

DomusCoins LTD will not be able to buy back the DOCs in circulation not to alter the real estate guarantees, but it will be possible to exchange DOCs on the site with other people and in third-party exchangers.

Transparency & Audits

Every 6 months an external auditor will certify the value of the DOCs in the market, the value of the buildings given as collateral and the health of the company. In this way, you will be sure of your purchases.


DomusCoins is a company registered in London, with people who put their faces on it. You can meet us personally. We distinguish ourselves from all others for guarantees, transparency, security and control.

More Questions

Feel free to contact us or meet us in person if you have more questions.


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