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When DomusCoins are sold, funds are used to buy new real estate properties. In return, DomusCoins’ buyers are anonymously and proportionally owning all the real estate properties bought by DomusCoins.

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Everybody can participate to this project and it is easy. First of all you don’t need a big quantity of money, you can participate even with 250 USD or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Let’s explain with an example: You decide to participate with 250 USD which you transfer through one of the payment methods offered. Once the 250 USD is received, you will be credited 250 DOCs (DomusCoins), the transaction is public and stored on the BlockChain although the names are anonymous.
You will have a private key (a sort of password) and only you will be able to manage the coins. Your 250 USD will increase the real estate guarantees.

Now you are free to keep your 250 DOCS, wait until they appreciate, sell them to whoever you want, or use them as you like.
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More than 1 milion dollars

1 property in dubai

4 property in ho chi minn

1 property coming soon in dubai

1100 token holders

20 super investors (more than 5000$)

backed by real estate properties

immediately spendable for stays in all our properties

90% occupancy rate in October 2018

16 *** reviews on Airbnb

10% ROI so far

20,000 users

2,000 users on telegram

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