On April 30th 2018 DomusCoins ICO ended and we are proud to announce that we go ahead towards our vision 🙂

We collected 1 million USD which is distributed as follows:

  1. 300,000$ for one bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina, exclusive central location, 3 minutes’ walk from the sea, rentable for 130$/night. Ready to rent.
  2. 95,000$ for a studio apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, 5 minutes’ walk to the main touristic center, rentable for 50$/night. Being furnished.
  3. 95,000$ for a studio apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, 5 minutes’ walk to the main touristic center, rentable for 50$/night. Being furnished.
  4. 260,000$ for a two bedrooms apartment in Ho Chi Minh city, 5 minutes’ walk to the main touristic center, rentable for 90$/night. Ready to rent.
  5. 240,000$ cash, our team of experts is evaluating the best location to invest.

Investors come from 25 countries and major contributions were made from Italy, UAE and USA.

Our major investors have a strong background in real estate and for this reason we are happy to have them onboard to better analyze and understand the real estate market in the most promising areas, to spot the best places to invest in on the medium and long term.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is getting ready for Expo 2020 and billions of dollars are flowing into the city. By 2022 Dubai will be 3 times bigger than what it is today and it’s a few years that the government has been working hard to create a sustainable city that does not depend on oil.

So, the stability of the government, its solid vision, the results that have been achieved in the last 20 years, make us believe that Dubai will be the center of financial, commercial and business activities and therefore DomusCoins wants to be there.

Why Ho Chi Minh City?

Vietnamese population is one of the youngest in the world, in fact the average age is 30. GDP is growing at an average rate of 5% a year and with 90 million people, Vietnam can count on a great internal demand!

Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Vietnam with a population of around 9 million people which is expected to rise to 14 million people by 2025. Tourism is flourishing and it’s not subject to seasons, furthermore, houses in the city center are appreciating by 10% a year and commercial spaces, as well as residential ones, are more expensive than in most Asian cities, including Dubai (

For these reasons we believe that Ho Chi Minh City is a place where we do want to stay.

Of course this is just the beginning and new cities and countries will come!

What’s next

From the beginning DomusCoins policy has been to rent out high class apartments for short term in order to maximize profit. We are committed to this idea more than ever before and we would like to extend this concept to shared offices (more info below).

Ready apartments will be listed shortly on Airbnb and on our website. While on Airbnb is possible to pay by fiat currencies only, it will be possible to pay by DomusCoins on our website, at a discounted price.

At the time of writing we are deciding whether to set up 1 of the 2 studios in Ho Chi Minh City as an office and rent out desks. This would be an interesting test in a city where the middle class is boosting, population is booming and young entrepreneurs are growing.

Emaar Beachfront

In Dubai we have identified — not bought — a new awesome project, developed by Emaar, one of the biggest real estate developers in the world, which will be delivered in 2021. It consists of a new island facing both Dubai Marina and The Palm. It will be for sure one of the most beautiful places in the world.

At the time of writing we are watching this project and we will update you in the next days. See more about the project here:

If you like this project and you want to invest specifically for this project, drop us an email at [email protected], we have a deal for you.

ICO Is Over, Crowdfunding is not

The ICO is officialy closed, but we want DomusCoins to continue to grow and seriously disrupt the real estate business. To do this, we have agreed with our main investors to keep the token sale open so that new capitals can be brought into the company and new properties can be bought.

This will not absolutely inflate your coins, in fact new tokens will be sold at a higher price and when new capitals are brought in, new properties are bought.

This mechanism will insure that the value of the existing coins consolidates at a higher price than the one they were previously bought for.

The new DomusCoins price, starting from Monday 21st will be 1.10 USD. Until then, it will be still possible to buy DomusCoins for 1.00 USD.


Advertising cryptocurrency projects has become dangerously expensive. In our opinion ICOs partially lost their original meaning of public crowdfunding. In fact, to crowd-fund a project, loads of money is needed to advertise it.

This massive advertising necessarily drains too much energy to the project itself. For this reason, we have decided to drastically reduce online paid advertising favoring other types of advertising, such as word of mouth, encouraged by the great service that we are committed to offer.

Bounty hunters

Facebook and Twitter campaigns are very expensive in terms of coins and had little, if none, return. Facebook and Twitter campaigns alone determined 65,000 USD worth coins, which accounts to 6.5% of the raised capital.

Issuing this amount of coins would determine an immediate inflation and it would not be fair for investors who bought coins in cash.

Therefore, we have decided that coins earned through the Facebook and Twitter campaigns will be decreased by a factor of 7. This means that every amount of coins matured through the Facebook and Twitter campaigns will be divided by 7.

After this change the coins issued for the bounty hunters will be 17,972 and they will be distributed by the third week of May 2018.


The online user dashboard is fully functional and is accessible here:

Here you will be able to buy, deposit and withdraw your DomusCoins. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now.

Referrals: Signing up on the website you will be able to share an invite to your friends so that you will receive DomusCoins when they make a purchase.


We plan to integrate DomusCoins on LocalBitcoinCash. At the time of writing we are still negotiating the best conditions to pay the least possible commission, while giving a great exchange service to our supporter. Please sign up on to receive updates about this.

We expect to be on the exchanger by the second week of June.

Support DomusCoins

If you like our project and want to collaborate with DomusCoins, let us know, you can be our guest in one of the properties in the network.

If you want to invest in a specific project or you want to buy loads of DomusCoins, get in touch with our CEO and founder directly.

Remember that the easiest and most effective way to support DomusCoins is to spread the word with your friends and on the forums you know 😊

List your property on DomusCoins

If you have a property that you would like to list for rent on our website, do let us know, you can choose whether to be paid fully in DomusCoins or partially in cash and partially in DomusCoins.

Stay in touch

Soon we will post pictures of the ready-apartments and also those of the apartments being furnished, so you will be constantly updated on the state of things.

Thanks for supporting and trusting us, your support is essential to make this project come true!

You will hear from us soon, in the meanwhile, support us and sign up on the website!


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