Studying aeronautical engineering has made a significant effect on my professional and personal levels; through this experience, I have learned setting visions and systematic thinking; its impact has combined with my passion to marketing world in its modern tech form.

Serving plenty of customers from the heart is my longtime passion, sharing, and witnessing their business testimonials are always my favorite interests.

For over than ten years in business markets in Egypt and UAE; I have worn different hats in diverse SMEs; from PR to social media, to business development. And through all of these, I have managed fruitful projects; neglecting ” The One Man Show ” myth. I have learned how to listen to my colleagues’ and together we have committed to satisfying the customers’ needs, setting strategies and techniques for their growth hacking and approaching their goals. Ten years ago the social networks were just for fun, but we have helped many customers to duplicate their sales and to target their segment through them. Also; my team and I have been proactive in providing new opportunities and generating business needs through studying the consumers’ profiles and the business environments.




Real Estate on BlockChain has just begun