Hello, I am Ilmira Abdullina and I strongly believe that the Difference Between Dreamers & Winners: 1% Idea, 99% Execution. 

I’ve started my career as a teacher of economics at school back in 2001 when I turned 16.  Later after graduating from Russian State Social University and holding a degree in Finance and Credit, which  helped me tremendously with my endeavors in entrepreneurship and business development, I’ve started to work as a marketing specialist in a branch of American company, selling diesel generators.  

Being very interested in the marketing field I found my passion in digital marketing and web technologies at Ripple Applications, an American company based on Denver, Colorado with it’s operating office located in Cairo, Egypt.  

Ripple Application was a company that focused on serving the small and medium enterprises in Colorado by providing web applications that helped the small and medium enterprises operate better at a time when the internet was beginning to boom. 

Later, Ripple Application changed its name and became Denver PPC & Winning SEO Designs LLC. The company expanded more into Pay Per Click advertising, web design and social media marketing company. Denver PPC became a Google Certified AdWords company. They were one of the first companies to become Google certified that was actually located in the Middle East & North Africa zone (MENA). 

Real Estate on BlockChain has just begun