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Hello, my name is Enrico Menghini, from Italy. I work and live in Dubai and in Tunisia. I have a University degree in Mechanical engineering and a Master Degree in Mecatronics both achieved in Perugia University.

During my professional career I was lucky enough to apply my scientific knowledge to niche sectors, such as the nautical one. I have innovated and optimized industrial processes bringing savings up to 50% compared to previous methodologies.

The scientific training and my curiosity brought me closer to cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin was in its infancy and since then I have always followed the development, starting to “mine” the cryptocurrency with an old PC.


Being often in Dubai for business, I am always in contact with the fastest growing real estate market in the world and one day I thought, why not applying the concept of the BlockChain to real estate?

The idea to own properties all around the world is of course fantastic and this can be achieved only with the contribution of people all around the world.

Today we have the possibility to revolutionize the real estate business and bring it to the next level: on the BlockChain.

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We have been working hard to create a sustainable model which will bring benefits to everybody involved in the project and I am so sure about it that I decided to show up publicly, which is uncommon on 99% of the ICO projects that every day come out.

The system that we are creating today will change the real estate business as we know it today, huge real estate projects will not be owned by huge groups anymore, but by people like you and I.

Feel free to contact me or meet me in person, your ideas and advices are welcome.

Real Estate on BlockChain has just begun