The DomusCoins smart contract has been audited and loaded on BlockChain.

You can see the DomusCoins token contract at address 0xb1a819a4aa03741d8b2af06d78ca91a74c831029 (this is what you need to add on MetaMask).

While the DomusCoins ICO Contract is at address 0x47fB9b34D4Eca0cA1d25cafCB4924d8Fc94E8170 (this is where you have to send ETH to get DOCs).

Sending ETH to the ICO Contract is safe, anonymous and instant, you will get your DOCs to the ETH address you are sending from. You will be able to see your DOCs through MetaMask, by adding the DOC contract 0xb1a819a4aa03741d8b2af06d78ca91a74c831029

 Smart Contract source is verified as you can see on the independent Etherscan
 Smart Contract was audited by the independent ABDK Consulting, specialized in blockchain security

Please remember to send ETH from your wallet only, not from exchangers, otherwise you won’t get any DOCs and we can’t do anything about it.


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